Lookup up cost for product or service

An excel formula to lookup up cost for product or service

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 Lookup up cost for product or service

If you have a list of products or services (or related options), with associated costs, you can use VLOOKUP to find and retrieve the cost for a specific option.

In the example shown, the formula in cell F6 is:


This formula uses the value of cell E6 to lookup and retrieve the right cost in the range B5:C7.

How this formula works

This is a basic example of VLOOKUP in "exact match" mode. The lookup value is B6, the table is the range B5:C7, the column is 2, and the last argument, FALSE, forces VLOOKUP to do an exact match. (Read why this is necessary here).

If VLOOKUP finds a matching value, the associated cost will be retrieved from the 2nd column (column C). If no match is found, VLOOKUP will return the #N/A error.

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