FormulaRelated Functions
Approximate match with multiple criteria
Basic INDEX MATCH approximate
Basic INDEX MATCH exact
Calculate grades with VLOOKUP
Calculate shipping cost with VLOOKUP
Dynamic lookup table with INDIRECT
Exact match lookup with INDEX and MATCH
Exact match lookup with SUMPRODUCT
Extract multiple matches into separate columns
Find missing values
Get address of lookup result
Get employee information with VLOOKUP
Get first match cell contains
Get first non-blank value in a list
Get first partial match in a range
Get first text value in a list
Get nth match with INDEX / MATCH
Get nth match with VLOOKUP
Group arbitrary text values
Group numbers with VLOOKUP
Lookup up cost for product or service
Map inputs to arbitrary values
Map text to numbers
Match first error
Max if criteria match
Partial match against numbers with wildcard
Partial match with VLOOKUP
Position of max value in list
Related info for max value in range