Flip table rows to columns

An excel formula to flip table rows to columns

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 Flip table rows to columns

To flip a table in Excel from rows to columns (i.e. to change orientation from vertical to horizontal) you can use the TRANSPOSE function.

In the example shown the formula in E5:K6 is:


Note: this is a multi-cell array formula and must be entered with Control + Shift + Enter.

How this formula works

The TRANSPOSE function is fully automatic and can transpose cells vertical to horizontal, and vice versa. The only requirement is that there be a one to one relationship between source and target cells.

In the example shown, we are transposing a table that is 2 columns by 7 rows (14 cells), to a table that is 7 columns by 2 rows (14 cells).

Note that this function creates a dynamic link between the source and target. Any change in to data in the source table will be reflected in the target table.

One-off conversion with Paste Special

If you simply need to do a one-time conversion, and don't need dynamic links, you can use Paste Special. Select the source data, copy, then use Paste Special > Transpose.

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